Origins : Sustainable development and social responsibility

Our local suppliers have developed major agro industrial investments in remote areas, far from the cities in West Africa. Planting trees, especially hevea brasiliensis trees, demands a long term vision from these entrepreneurs as the first production only comes after 6 or 7 years.

Their actions are therefore built for the long term and are closely linked to the development of the whole region. For this reason, our partners attach a lot of importance to sustainable development and social responsibility.

Indeed, in addition to the industrial assets (plantation, factory, garage, road etc…) our partners appear to be boosters for the development of the areas in which they are located.

On each of these plantations, they have built a broad range of facilities in favor of the local communities including, villages, churches, houses, schools and hospitals, easing the life of their employees and families.
They have also developed and financed (micro-credit style) smallholders programs, creating nurseries with modern clones, giving technical assistance on preparation of the land, training local people for better maintenance and better cropping.