Miluna Gwaka – RD Congo

Country: RD Congo
Materials: Rubber and Cocoa

The plantation of MILUNA Gwaka is located in Gwaka (RD Congo 1190 Km from Kinshasa and 18 Km from Akula). The concession area covers a surface of approximately 37.800 hectares including 4000 Ha planted with hevea brasiliensis trees.
The plantation has its own factory at its disposal enabling them to produce different types of rubber such as RSS or Thin brown crepes.

MILUNA GWAKA produces about 5000 Tons of natural rubber per year. The main activity of MILUNA Gwaka is to produce rubber but they also have cocoa and palm oil.

MILUNA Gwaka’s main strength consists of controlling the full export process (fully integrated from the plantation to the port) of its raw material as they own and operate port, barges and warehouses up country to Kinshasa.
MILUNA Gwaka has a crucial social influence on the whole area; it has a social development role in the province and more specifically in the region of Equator. The local communities benefit from the plantation on various levels like schools, houses, hospitals etc.