Soguipah – Guinea Conakry

Country: Guinea
Materials: Rubber

The plantation of Soguipah is located in Dieke (Guinea 1100 Km from Conakry and close to the Liberian border). Soguipah has a total of 9000 Ha planted with hevea brasiliensis trees. The plantation has its own TSR factory at its disposal enabling them to produce the GSO 10 and GSO 20 rubber. The factory produces more than 13,000 MT of natural rubber per year.

Soguipah has also planted about 3300 Ha of Palm trees, and produces palm oil and palm kernel oil in its own factory. The oil production is sold locally.

Soguipah has also a crucial social influence on the whole area; it has a social development role in the province and more specifically in the region of Diecke. The local communities benefit from the plantation on various levels like schools, houses, hospitals etc.

Soguipah encourages the smallholders to develop their own plantations with their support, providing the best clones for the nursery, training local people and assisting them in developing their own fields of rubber, palm oil, rice or other local crops.